A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Lucas. I had posted online for “authors wanted” to help me start a local support group for Independent Authors. Tom was the first author to show up and he’s been a dedicated member of our small-but-loyal group ever since.

When you first meet him (or see his author photos on his Amazon page), you might mistake him for intimidating. But a complicated, philosophical, witty and sensitive soul lurks inside of him. If you don’t believe me…just keep reading. 😀

Born in Detroit, Tom Lucas kept to himself, read comics, broke things, and started fires. When he was older, he started writing and got a bunch of tattoos. Leather to the Corinthians is his response to a lifetime of media over-saturation, processed foods, and loud music. When not writing, Tom likes to drive fast and take chances.

Lynda: Welcome, Tom. I typically have guests from all genres. What genre do you write?
Tom: Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Lynda: I am familiar with your newest release, but for my audience, please tell us what book are you currently promoting?
Tom: Leather to the Corinthians, and you can find it online at Amazon. Leather to the Corinthians is an absurd postmodern fable that defiantly flips a middle finger at modern American life. Through the perspectives of its multiple characters, it explores the absurdities of organized religion, the military, big business, fast food, advertising, sex, and the media. Witty, with bitter undertones, its story possesses a satirical spirit as it plays with traditional story structure, phrasing and cultural references. Its multiple layers encourage return visits as its characters have many more unique tales to tell.

Lynda: For such a challenging writing style and unique voice, what helps you get into the writing mood?
Tom: Purpose. Deadlines. I need a mission. I’m not one to take a notebook to a café or the park to see what will happen. I impose self-deadlines all the time, and it is working well.

Lynda: Did you have a favorite scene to write or research?
Tom: Yes, the CEO in my book uses many business and advertising buzzwords. I researched many old advertising books (probably the same ones they use to write Mad Men) as well as current business books. It’s a bizarre world, language-wise.

Lynda: Have you ever based a character (good or bad) on a real person? Do they know?
Tom: I had a terrible roommate a few years ago. He earned himself a cameo in my book. He has no idea, as we haven’t spoken in a few years. I’ll tell him if I ever run into him though. People, don’t piss off a writer – they will get you.

Lynda: Who is your favorite character in any of your own books?
Tom: I am a fan of all my characters, but if I could be one, it would be my postmodern tribal leader, Scratch Microphone. He’s a stud who never doubts himself.

Lynda: What is your favorite way to celebrate the completion of a book?
Tom: Well, this was my first novel. When I finished, I just stared at the screen in disbelief. For book two, I think a party will be in order.

Lynda: What are your top ten favorite movies?
Tom: Bladerunner, The Road Warrior, Aliens, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Goodfellas, Rollerball, Slap Shot, Airplane, Dumb and Dumber, and The Notebook.
Lynda: Those first three definitely fall into my top favs, but The Notebook really seems odd in that group. Is that a sensitive streak I’m sensing?

Lynda: So, what are your favorite books and authors?
Tom: A Clockwork Orange. Anthony Burgess. Another book by him, The Wanting Seed. Amazing. I love so many authors and books, it’s hard to focus on just one. Burgess created his own language for A Clockwork Orange, the Nadsat teen slang. I aspire to such linguistic creativity in my own work.

Lynda: If you could be a character in any book, movie or TV show, who would it be and why?
Tom: Jax from Sons of Anarchy. He’s a leader, tough, and runs a motorcycle club. There is a lot of violence in his life, but that’s what the show is about. The consequences of violence.

Lynda: If your significant other gave you permission to have a fling with a famous person, what five people would be at the top of your list?
Tom: I love being married, and I wouldn’t want to risk losing it, so I am going to list five amazing women that I would like to meet for coffee and maybe a peck on the cheek. And a hug or twelve. 1) Julianne Moore 2) Heidi Klum 3) Milla Jovovich 4) Natalie Portman 5) Parker Posey
Lynda: That was cleanly done, Tom – the way you rephrased that question. 😀 Definitely a sensitive streak lurks within you.

Lynda: What is your idea of the most romantic date?
Tom: Anywhere that is quiet enough that I can listen and hear what my date has to say.
Lynda: Amen to that!

Lynda: What is your dream vacation?
Tom: Tokyo. The stipulation would be that a native and friend show me the real city, and not the tourist sites.

Lynda: What social media are you most addicted too?
Tom: Facebook. It gets the job done and it’s easy.

Lynda: If you were stranded on an island with only one item, what would you want it to be?
Tom: A solar powered iPod. There has been hardly a day of my life that I haven’t listened to music, and it won’t stop if I am stuck on an island. If I have to bang out a beat with a couple coconuts, I’ll do it.

Lynda: Speaking of coconuts, do you binge on sinful treats when you write?
Tom: I drink coffee, and more than I should. When I am writing I tend to forget my needs…food, bathroom, and sleep. I should treat myself better! Maybe a triple-chocolate cake when I start my next book.

Lynda: Since I write romances, I can’t help but ask authors to dish about their very first kiss! You don’t have to name names…we just want to know the details.
Tom: I’ll go ahead and name names, mainly because I can’t remember her last name. Her name was Amy. It was the sixth grade. She came by the house and we talked in the driveway for hours, mainly because I was stalling. I was freaked out. If I had only known how much fun it is, I would not have wasted a minute.

Lynda: What was your most embarrassing date moment in your life?
Tom: Seriously, Lynda…I can’t share this one. It’s not a nice story.

Lynda: If you could turn anyone (anyone!) into your personal slave — who would it be, what kind of slave, and why?
Tom: Not a person, but my cat. She does nothing to earn her keep. Being cute and cuddly will only get you so far. If she could run some errands or do the laundry that would be equitable.

Lynda: If you could time travel, would you prefer to jump into the future or the past? And why?
Tom: The past. I was a collegiate fencer, so my sword skills would finally be applicable. There just aren’t many duels in the 21st century.
Lynda: And that’s a damned shame, but that’s what movies are for – to watch Christopher Lambert swing that ancient sword in The Highlander movies. 😀

Lynda: Share with us your favorite joke?
Tom: My current favorite: Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: It’s a really obscure number, you probably wouldn’t know it.

Lynda: What is the best dessert you’ve ever had in your life and where did you eat it?
Tom: My wedding cake. My wife and I were married on a cruise to Alaska, so it was in international waters.

Lynda: What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done in your life that you’ll admit to?
Tom: I was a bartender in a speakeasy back in my college days. Did it for a couple years before the police finally came knocking. There were many wild things that came from that gig, but those I will have to keep for myself.

Lynda: What is your weirdest habit?
Tom: I check my alarm clock 3 times before going to bed. Has to be 3 times and I CANNOT be interrupted while doing this or I have to start over. It’s annoying.

Lynda: What is your favorite word?
Tom: I am a big fan of “outstanding.” It sounds so great when you say it loudly and over-annunciate each syllable.

Lynda: What is your least favorite word?
Tom: Moist. I don’t like how it sounds. Just nasty, really.

Lynda: Where can new fans link with you online?
Tom: They can connect with me on my blog, my Facebook Author Page, and Twitter. I am also putting the final touches on author pages for Goodreads, Shelfari, and Library Thing. If you are a part of these amazing communities, find me there. I need friends 🙂

Lynda: I hear that you have something special for our readers. What will you be giving away to our blog readers this week?
Tom: I would be more than happy to give away an e-copy of Leather to the lucky winner.

Thank you for joining us this week, Tom!!

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