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Hidden Coast Romances

This is a 3-book set featuring the first three stories in the Hidden Coast Romance Novella series.

  • Borrowed & Blue
  • Mistletoe & Magic
  • Unveiled

Borrowed & Blue is the first novella in the Hidden Coast Romance series.

She has a wedding to crash — until real love gets in the way!

Veronica grew up shy, invisible, and hopelessly in love with Davis, the older of the Crowley brothers. When she returns home a beautiful, successful woman, she has one last chance to try for the love she’s always been denied. Will she succeed in crashing Davis’ wedding? Not if Lucas Crowley, the younger brother, can help it. But how far will Lucas go to stop her?


Mistletoe & Magic is a holiday novella in the Hidden Coast Romance series.

It’s a holiday miracle!

Hannah has an empty inn — except for the ghosts — and a chance to take her first Christmas vacation in years. But she just can’t turn away the handsome guest who arrives on her doorstep. Her old beachside inn is the perfect place for Jackson to heal his broken heart, until a new spirit arrives — one who’s doing its best to destroy the joy of the season.


Unveiled is a paranormal fantasy novella in the Hidden Coast Romance series. It was originally published as a part of The Hotel Paranormal series

Desire comes with a wicked price.

The long-lost Veils of Salome have resurfaced. As they have for centuries, the beautifully iridescent silks will enthrall a new victim—bestowing her with her greatest desire and then claiming a wicked price.

For thief Eva Ward, recovering the elusive and magical Veils of Salome is a professional triumph, but she can’t claim her bounty. Her client wants her dead. A dark wraith eternally bound to the veils seeks their destruction. And the longer Eva possesses the veils, the harder it will be for her to avoid the curse. She is desperate for a safe haven where she can plan a way out of this mess.

When Azarion is summoned once again by the cursed veils, he discovers they are within reach and he’s ready to act. He must find a way to destroy them and end the torment of his formless existence. But how can he when the current target of the veils is adorably distracting and she’s not going along with any of his plans?

From the safety of a magical hotel tucked between dimensions, Eva and Azarion search for an end to the curse—and they find a way to steal each other’s hearts.