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The Last Ringmaster: Hollow (Book 2)

It’s not a fairytale when demons come out to play.
Print version available too.
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“It’s not a fairytale when demons come out to play.”

In the heart of Midway City, where a once-vibrant circus town hosts a supernatural refuge, sits a long-abandoned sideshow museum. Armed with her own brand of magic, Harley sets out to revitalize its eerie halls, with their collections of chilling relics and peculiar oddities. With the help of a local doll collector, she unveils a macabre exhibit of old dolls, little knowing the sinister forces that may lie behind their hauntingly hollow eyes.

But when the body of a local human girl is discovered in the museum, it sends shockwaves through the community. With the fragile balance between fae and humans at stake, Harley must harness her unique powers and face her inner demons to protect those she holds dear.

Will Harley rise as a true leader or crumble under the weight of her newfound responsibilities?


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